Our Mission & vision


C3 is missional!  Before leaving this earth Jesus gave His church a mission (Matthew 28:19-20).  This mission has not changed from then to now; it is both local and global.  We have transposed Christ’s Mission in the following statement: “Building Lifelong Followers of Christ.”  Your lifelong journey starts today; come grow with us!



Vision acts as the wheels of the mission.  Here at C3 our VISION is:

Gather to Glorify

Reach to Rescue

Operate in Obedience

Worship in Walk

We gather to lift up the name of Jesus in worship, Bible study, and fellowship.  We reach to those in the church, our surrounding communities, and even people around the world.  Reaching stresses evangelism; we believe the Lord is using us to rescue a lost world.  Operate speaks to how we live life.  We seek to be obedient to the voice of Scripture and the Spirit of God; stressing discipleship.  Finally, we exist to worship!  Through our daily walk we seek to worship the one true God!  This Vision is not something far off and unseen, we realize and strive to live out the Vision daily.  Come grow with us!